SAP TV - Sailing Analyst Kiel 2015
505 World Championships 2017
World Sailing - Sail Tracks
Live with Project Speedbird
Land Rover BAR Roadshow 2017
Americas Cup World Series Oman
Lead Commentator ESS in Istanbul
MC and Lead Commentator
Americas Cup World Series Oman
Extreme Sailing Series Launch 2016
Skipper Intros
Land Rover BAR Roadshow 2017
Interview Francois Gabart

Mark Corky Rhodes has played host to a variety of roles within commentary, MC and broadcasting. Currently working on some of the leading sailing series, his knowledge and experience along with his credibility and humour which has been seen by thousands. 


  • Leading Live Commentator

  • MC for Launches, Conferences, Q&A's

  • Race Analyst / Pundit

  • VIP Commentary

Having both knowledge and participation in a multitude of sports also enables Mark to cover a wide spectrum of sports and events.

Just a couple of example highlight clips:

505 World Championships Highlights 2017

Extreme Sailing Series
Americas Cup
Project Speedbird
World Sailing
Land Rover BAR
The Transat