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A Turkish Delight

Credit: Dean Treml for Red Red Bull Content Pool

Firstly apologises on the classic and well overused title, but clearly there is no other way to describe such a stunning event for Act 7 of the Extreme Sailing Series.

Many areas make up what will be classed as a truly spectacle event when the dust has settled but Istanbul had an abundance of this. Wind, sunshine, stunning backdrop, world-class sailors, great racing, endless entertainment on and off the water and great public participation to name just a few.

Again the Extreme Sailing Series has delivered on multiple accounts on ensuring that their pioneering stadium-racing format continues to engage with people from all walks of life and open their eyes to the beautiful sport of sailing.

It has been a real privilege to be apart of such an exciting 2015 season and with still 1 more event to crown the champion, we can all but hold our breaths for the final chapter of this gripping global tour.

From sailor to coach and then stepping into a lead commentators role was a huge challenge for me, but since the offer was presented to me in the early part of 2015, one I have grown to love and embrace as both confidence and knowledge of the role has grown.

The team that have supported me throughout the role have been fantastic. They breathe real passion into their work no matter what time it is and make up a section of phenomenal team behind the Extreme Sailing Series.

Again it is down to the many people behind the scene that work relentlessly to ensure everything runs like clockwork whether this catering, hospitality, venue set-up to media.

My coaching background has been able to provide a clear understanding of the racing as it happens but my awareness of the commitment and work ethic among the friends I have made along the way is second to none.

As the 2015 season draws closer to the end, I can tell you one thing, I am certainly excited about what’s install for next year and what future avenues may appear while headed down this path.

Photo Credit: Dean Treml for Red Red Bull Content Pool

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