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SB20 Ireland - Sun & Snow


The second weekend draws to an end of great racing here at Howth Yacht Club, Ireland. It has been truly a complete mix of conditions over the 2 weekends seeing everything from sunshine, rain, snow, hail, wind, no wind a proper Crowded House single.

A fantastic turn out of 11 boats to kick start the SB20 Ireland racing series, balanced with on and off the water coaching to ensure the maximum benefit to enable these sailors to push through their busy racing season.

With a focus on starting, boat handling and strategy it allowed for developments from every team and gave real food for thought in how they approach the rest of the year. Breaking down complex situations such as starts and identifying the key fundamentals from your strategy enabling you to have greater control over your race and opportunity for consistent results.

It is great to see a fleet such as the SB20 still thriving, and hopefully we will continue to see it grow and see Irish teams venturing to the UK Nationals in Torquay in October, along with the World Championships in Cascais, Portugal.

If you are looking to improve an area within your sailing, maybe a build up to an event or event support and coaching then get in contact and see what we can do to take your sailing to the next level.

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