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The Transat Bakerly 2016

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What a truly amazing event!

To be involved with such an iconic race that is steeped in history was truly a special moment and one that I hope to repeat in another 4 years time.

To have the opportunity to interview, chat, laugh with the 25 heroic men and women taking on the 3000 nautical mile race from Plymouth’s Ocean City to New York.

The combination of being MC for press conferences, skipper presentations and then running live commentary throughout the bank holiday weekend has been fantastic and working on behalf of OC Sport, with their professionalism and support makes another event world class.

I am only a small cog in a big machine and a phenomenal team of people that worked seamlessly to bring a classic race, update it while keeping all of the key principles that Sir Francis Chichester and Blondie Hesler set out in 1960 to do. Blondie Heslers famous phrase “One Man, One Boat, The Ocean” still describes exactly what this race is about.

With the constant evolution of technology are seeing some amazing new features on-board several of the boats not more so prominent then the Giant Ultimes and the IMOCA 60’s. It is amazing to see these world class sailors playing with new technology such as the integration of foils and pushing new boundaries which equally leads to praise to all designers, boat builders and the skippers.

I wish all of the skippers a safe passage and will enjoy the continuous updates running through www.thetransatbakerly.com

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