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2 Weeks and counting...

With only 2 weeks to the start of the Triangle Race, which leaves Torquay on the 12th June preparations are really starting to come together.

It has been a big challenge for both my dad and myself to get set for the race due to very busy work schedules and then throw in the classic random English weather (no wind or too much) and training has been pretty scarce.

It is going to be a fantastic race and my first short handed offshore race, so I am pretty excited and to be the only Father and Son team it makes it pretty special. (As well as gaining good brownie points as it bridges Fathers Day).

Due to not being able to hit the water as often as we like, the gym has been getting a smashing not only for the Triangle Race but also for many other projects.

So as many of the controllables are being controlled and we are going into this race in the best possible place within the circumstances. All we need is some good weather and wind and it will be a cracking race.

Keep track of the race and find out any other information through the following link:


Lightwind Club Racing at Exe SC

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