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The Great British Summer

Well the British summer keeps on delivering, champagne sailing conditions and an abundance of champagne moments in Rio.

While Rory was putting in the time at the UK Laser Nationals and improving the key skills that he wanted to work on even though he had been out of the boat for a fair bit of time due to university work and exams.

Breaking down the key areas to where the biggest gains could be made in the short term time scale we had leading up into and throughout the event.

Not only did we work on areas on the water but more so the focal points off the water that plan such a fundamental part to being successful, such as preparation, time utilisation and prioritising those tasks.

The event was an ideal test event for Rory to input these skills and not be worried about making a mistake and the results being a major counter. Further training to improve on those areas takes to Americas Cup waters, while focusing hard on the gym routine to enable him to balance his studies, sailing, fitness and other commitments.

Identifying a solid nutritional base to work hand in hand with the sail and fitness training will also plan a key part, taking into account tighter student budgets, cooking equipment, education of whats required & when, macro and micro nutrients and then what and how to cook them.

Having the Olympics on was a great way to unwind in and evening after training and racing and also provided a great inspirational boost as well as driving us to succeed within the training.

A cracking week of weather, well run races all being delivered by WPNSA.




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