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Leadership, Resilience & Teamwork Courses from Time on the Water

Leadership, Resilience & Teamwork Courses

Time on the Water, is a hugely successful coaching company and is now taking that to the open market. Sailing is still a huge passion for us but the love of coaching paves the way the company is heading, which is bringing our coaching expertise to businesses and learning establishments.

Working with colleagues at Time on the Water, we have over the last two years, developed coaching for business and school pupils (year 11,12 & 13). We have worked to gain Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accreditation and recognition, and we must be the only sports professionals to achieve this for these courses, which means that we can guarantee standards, procedures, outcomes and quality.

We are now launching three half or full day classroom based courses in Leadership, Resilience and Teamwork and several accredited on the water courses in Teamwork and Leadership.

We know how to produce winners, enhance performance, and to enthuse our clients with the lessons and legacy of the Olympics, so if you would like us to see how this might work for your company or business, email or phone and let us change the way business coaching works for you.

Contact myself directly through Corker Coaching or through mark@timeonthewater.co.uk or alternative contact us through our website www.timeonthewater.co.uk

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