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Autumn means squad trainings.

Cadet National Squad Coaching

Well as the temperatures start to slide, the winds become more erratic and the odd splodges of rain appear, we are also graced with some truly stunning days amongst them, but this means only one thing, it is winter squad training for the sailors of Great Britain.

As many a squad descended on WPNSA for what is going to be another challenging programme, balancing time on the water, the cold, the wind and daylight hours, we all struck lucky with a spectacular weekends training. Sunshine, wind, waves and relatively mild temperatures were a pleasant surprise to us all.

Working with a the Cadet National Squad, combined with the Cadet World Team as they prepare for their worlds later this year, certainly meant every hour on the water was invaluable as when we turn into the new year months, we will certainly have the elements stacked against us.

The squad did amazing, with upbeat, drive and passion and a clear focus and determination to learn and to win. The following trainings are certainly going to be exciting and equally as exciting will be how our GB representatives get on in Argentina for the World Championships. With additional support from sponsorship with Neilson, the cadet class really looks likely to deliver across a multitude of areas and with the class playing a huge part within my early sailing years, the friends I have made and the success that continues to come they will continue to get my full support in helping them succeed.

I think the image sums up exactly why i love my job, seeing these sailors learn and develop, with the possibility that anyone of them could be future names within our sport and knowing that i have played my part.

A full winter calendar of various trainings to come and I am sure plenty more interesting weather to come. As the seasons pass by the continued support of Chatham within my line of work has been amazing and I cant thank them enough.

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