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Datchet Water

Every minute spent on the water while the conditions have been so warm is continued pressure every British sailor faces and with continued challenges such as lack of water, lack of wind or too much, shorter days and glances over the shoulder at when the colder weather begins.

Working with a group of enthusiastic cadet sailors who love sailing no matter the conditions and all looking to gain those added nuggets of knowledge to give them the jump on their competition it was on Datchet Water we descended after unfortunately low levels at Bristol forced us to the alternative venue within a week of the training. A superb effort from all involved in securing the venue and being able to run the training no matter what was thrown at them.

A huge thank you goes out Simon at Virtual Rigging, who took the small cluster of cadet sailors in under his wing and let us use his store to run briefs and de-briefs. This just provides another reason to why I love sailing so much, is that no matter where you are from, what you have sailed and experience there is always someone who is always willing to help to see you succeed.

A really focused weekend on stringing together some of the fundamental parts of the race course that see many a top sailor tripped up by. Learning the fundamentals to these areas, then experience these scenarios (out of comfort zone) to learn how to deal with them, apply the right procedures, communication and decision making.

Having a greater understanding of dealing with high pressure situations not just physically (in boat) but also mentally to enable the team to continue to function at 100%.

Thank you to all of the sailors, parents, Simon at VR and Datchet Water for making this happen.

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