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Water Wags Ireland

A fantastic weekend in Lough Ree with the Waterwags for a coaching weekend getting them all geared up ready for their season, kicking off this week.

It has been a yearly pilgrimage to Ireland for the last couple of years and is one weekend in the calendar that I look forward to most. A group of individuals, that have the balance of socialising, a love of sailing, and a deep passion for the Water Wag class.

Each team and individual have their own goals and areas to improve on and this is what I love......no matter how small the improvement is, it has a significant boost in performance. Marginal gains are something we see at the highest levels of elite sport when actually it can be applied to each and every one of us whether this is work, home life, sport and even socialising.

We don't all have to be aiming for a gold medal to want to improve. We all want that feeling of learning something new, that feeling of achievement and confidence that comes with it. Working with a group of people that are so hungry to learn and enjoy every step of the development cycle is inspiring.

Even though I was the one coaching I come away learning so much which is something I feel truly grateful.

The Water Wag class highlight many of these key elements, from taking a boat known for their history and continuing to race them in the modern day, but whilst applying the fun and sheer enjoyment to why we even do the sport of sailing. Sailing for the love of it drives these sailors to race every Wednesday in Dun Laoghaire harbour, for of course competition but more due to the teamwork, camaraderie and fun of them all being together. They all walk away with so many valuable points to help them make the improvements they desire season upon season through a willing to learn, a willing to be coached.

The old saying of "you can lead a horse to water" sums up every opportunity we are all offered to develop and improve, before we do anything first we have to have a will learn. Those that are hungry and curious enough to pursue new challenges, step outside their comfort zone and continue to develop will be always achieve more than first hoped.

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