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Land Rover BAR Roadshow

I have had the great privilege of working with many world class teams all with different goals within terms of the actually achievement but with one identical outcome "To Win". There are hundreds of different elements that need to be accounted for and be aligned to provide the best opportunity to win but the true driver behind any team or individual is Passion. With the America's Cup less than 2 weeks away, every team is frantically looking for every marginal gain they can make before everything will be left out on the water. Yes in every sport the signs of dedication, team work, passion, goal driven, sacrifice, heartache, achievement, innovation....the list continues are continually shown and Land Rover BAR are no exception. From the outset the clock has been against them for this Cup, even though there projected goal is longer term, the present opportunity of being crowned AC35 champions is very real. The blood, sweat and tears not only from the sailors, but the shore staff, management, coaches, chefs through to each and everyone of those individuals family members. Everything is being put on the line and all driven from that internal passion and belief.

While the team put the final preparations together in Bermuda, it has been none stop for the team back in the UK and using this raw passion as a catalyst for inspiration, the Land Rover BAR National Roadshow, tours the UK to educate and inspire. Opening peoples eyes to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that are involved within Land Rover BAR to enable them the best possible chances of success. All being driven through Land Rover BAR and the 1851 Trust with the aim to inspire future generations into areas of the marine industry and access vital learning tools now to offer maximum development for the future.

Alongside this of course is the opportunity to dive into a new sport a sport of sailing and have a chance to take to the waters and see why so many love this sport.

The legacy and inspiration that Land Rover BAR aim to instill within the UK and their awareness amongst its other projects across the globe is truly commendable. Within 2 years of setting up the team, to where they are now, what they have put in place within terms of the base, sustainability, educational, environmental through to having a team capable of #bringthecuphome has to inspire a diverse range of people not just sailors.

Land Rover as a company have always been and will be seen to push the levels of innovation, always striving to go #aboveandbeyond be this in their cars or as a brand within sporting arenas. Joining forces with Ben Ainsle Racing and creating one of the most powerful and iconic teams within the maritime industry, we all look to the race course soon to be sailed on in Bermuda with a powerful desire to see the America's Cup return to UK soil.

Mark 'Corky' Rhodes Principle and Performance Coach of WInning Attributes has been inspiring and motivating people to get involved with the amazing experiences at the roadshows as well as uncovering those golden gems of inspiration from some of the Land Rover BAR Academy sailors and 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist Sarah Ayton.

With 3 more roadshow venues to visit and our next one taking us to the all mighty Largs in Scotland it highlights and demonstrates the power of sport. Whether an individual or team, you can gain phenomenal parallel insights into your own development through transferable skills applicable to educational institutes right through into businesses. Performance coaching to help explore these areas, whilst applying relevance to the individual, team or organisation is one of the fasted ways to increase performance. To find out more visit www.winningattributes.co.uk and see how lessons from elite sporting teams could unlock your true potential.

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