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A hectic but very rewarding season

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Well finally I get a moment to sit down and actually take on what has been happening the last few months. Bouncing around the globe maybe not as much as Pete (Trip Advisor) Cumming but it certainly has felt that at times my feet haven't touched the floor or my body is unsure to which time zone it should be in.

With an action packed tight European few stop offs for the Extreme Sailing Series, balanced with the Sailing Champions League, the 505 Worlds and World Sailing it highlights the growing desire of sailing as a watchable sport. Bring the action to all audiences whether new to the sport or a veteran it is great to see so many events hitting the screens and uncovering these truly spectacular events.

With the obvious excitement of the Volvo Ocean Race, the continuous news with regards to the Americas Cup, teams in full training and race mode building up the 2020 games as well as a host of other world class events and combined with the use of new technology offering viewers a totally new perspective makes for exciting times.

Not only spending time crunching numbers and using the SAP Analytics to provide insights into the racing the momentum behind Winning Attributes has been building offering businesses the very insights to what makes these world class teams and individuals succeed. Identifying key elements that transfer from the world of sport to business and how these high performance environments thrive on similar balance points has not only been exciting seeing teams and individuals being drawn into sports they have not really addressed but offers a tangible connection with inspiration stories to support.

Recently I was a speaker at a great event called "The Road to Resilience" hosted by Astley media and was the starting point to what will be a successful line of events that address issues within the workplace and challenges businesses face with changes in technology, lifestyles, competition etc. The overlap from all of the inspiration speakers I had pleasure working with was clear that no matter whether it was business, sport or adventure key lessons could be applied across each environment.

Events such as these are so important to enable thoughts and ideas to be discussed, offering solutions and enabling individuals and teams to put perspective on their situation or challenges.

The statement of "You're never too old to learn" is exactly that. All someone needs to be is "Willing To" and by doing so will open up an array of support, options, learning and opportunities to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

There is truly no better feeling then coaching someone through whats seems like one of the hardest challenges or phases within a section of their life to see them, stronger, more resilient, more positive and eager to drive forward. Teams are the same. A team is a group of individuals brought together through a common goal, whether they were chosen for a specific skill set they possess or by random selection every individual must perform to their maximum potential for the team to succeed. Developing individuals is fundamental but then developing them as a team such as in business is one of the most powerful investments companies, sports teams, adventurers can do.

If there is something holding you back, or your team are not cohesive or you have a goal but are unsure how to take those next steps forward give www.winningattributes.co.uk a call and see how we can enhance your performance.

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