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Clarity in a time of uncertainty

A really exciting step for any sailor is the transition from one class in to another. The fun of learning how to control the extra power, maybe the different in stability, the levels of fitness required etc.

It's amazing watching the little sponges absorb the new knowledge and challenge everything they know. The resilience to keep trying something no matter how many times it goes wrong, but what a feeling when it all clicks for the 1st time and then it switches to a hunger to have that feeling over and over.

A cracking weekend blasting around Southampton water and the Solent in breeze gusting up to 30 knots which brought ear to ear smiles.

Getting these sailors back out on the water with some focused training, a goal, video analysis with a written report on areas learnt and what to move forward with keeps them developing even in a time of uncertainty. With the lack of events and so for many finishing in classes earlier then they would like but then potentially loosing all of their key events has left some feeling quite lost. Why train, what to train for etc so being able to provide a platform and an opportunity to make big steps in to a new class or refine skills in a current one is a great feeling.

Plenty more to come, but lighting that spark that when they hit the water in stunning conditions that we currently have they can got out have a great time but also work on a small element to help them step forward.

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