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Prep for a Blazing Nationals

A quick 1 day booster for the local boats at Paignton giving the final little tweaks and tips to use at the Nationals that ran a week later in their home waters.

Even when it's the shortest period of time there can be massive gains had with the right information and the right environment to learn. The hunger to improve and support for each other at Paignton Sailing Club was evident and created the ideal environment for anyone looking to start sailing but also progress into racing on a National level.

The Blaze is a class that has been around for a long time now but still sailed by many people and offers still a very technical element of sailing along with the excitement of racing.

It was great to be able to support these sailors and only being based down the road from where I am based made it feel like home from home. https://paigntonsailingclub.co.uk

#supportlocalsailing #clubsailing #nationalsailing #corkercoaching #blazedinghy

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