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Selection time...

Storm dodging our way through another British winter, the Cadet National Squad have been working hard since their first squad weekend right back in October 2015 up to now where the are making their way out on to the race course for the first of 3 world team selectors.

With 10 places available only the top 10 boats will secure positions after all 3 selectors have been completed, ah bit this is only the tip of the iceberg. Once selected continued training will put them in the best possible position not only representing their country but aiming to secure that World Championship title. Meaning as long as you secure a position you have as much opportunity as the next boat to winning that title, so even though the sailors are going out to stamp their authority on this first selection event it will be the longer journey that will produce the real winners.

It has been a privilege to be apart of the Cadet Class again, after competing in 7 consecutive world championships starting in 1993 through to 1999/2000 and many years coaching zone, national and world squads to see some of Britain's future top sailors emerging brings a real sense of pride.

The training they have undertaken this winter would not have been done without the huge help of many parents behind the scenes that make the class what it is and the on going support of the RYA. The support from the parents has been huge but equally has the support from my dedicated team of coaches that have assisted me throughout this winter, so a big thank you to Tim Rush, Sam Brearey and Aaron Cooper.

Now all that is left is to watch the twitter feeds and see the results start to pour in over the next couple of days but also months. I wish my squad a huge amount of success and look forward to celebrating with those that achieve their goals / dreams but also to stand shoulder to shoulder with our heads high with those that miss out this time, but come back stronger the next time.

To keep up to date with all of the information on the class, including results check out the various social media networks but also their dedicated site.


Twitter: @GBRCadets

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