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Project Speedbird

Project Speedbird

Wow a bitterly cold April and smashing around training on Grafham Water is certainly for the committed and that’s exactly what Hannah White is. Focused, dedicated to any of the adventures she has to completed but also to the extremely driven with her current challenge, Project Speedbird.

It is great to be involved with the project and hopefully with the support and coaching of both Hannah and the project we can really start to dial up the training and go after the records she desperately wants to claim.

Over the coming month I will be spending large amounts of time on the project based at Grafham Water. Balancing boat work, tweaks, on the water training, analysis, on shore training and keeping our foot firmly on the accelerator.

Sailing in the snow, tick, wind, no wind, cold, sun, tick, tick, tick, tick. No matter what is thrown at us it is all just down to 1 thing:

Training, training and more training.

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