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SAP 505 Worlds in Weymouth

©Christophe Favreau

Images Copyright ©christophefavreau

Working on behalf of SAP and Sail Tracs, this has been a great few days. Working with such an amazing class if boat along with the people that sail it has made this a special world championships on home waters.

Providing commentary over the tracker feeds while racing was under way and then hosting the sailor debrief once off the water, engaged the public on site, anyone watching / listening to the commentary and provided a fun, insightful opportunity for the sailors to hear from the some of the days winners.

The sailor debrief is a fantastic way for information to be passed around the fleet enabling others, as well as highlighting the very personalities that make the 505 class so special.

The debriefs of course are made hugely more interactive thanks to the SAP Analytics providing the sailors with endless possibilities to study their races and analyse where improvements could have been made, other competitors started and much more. Having access to this anywhere provides this class and many others supported by SAP Analytics valuable insights that we hope one day will be so freely accessible to all classes and racers that will continue to see sailors develop even faster and key lessons learnt at younger ages....exciting times for the youth of today.

For me the highlight has been the sailor debriefs and just reinforces how valuable this part of each day is as it is a great opportunity to bring all the sailors together to socialise, inspire and educate and something that even without the support of the SAP Analytics, many more classes should do.

Certainly within the junior and youth classes for education purposes but the social element is also fundamental as many of the sailors this will go on to other classes and race each other and many creating lifelong friendships.

Unfortunately for me it is time to hand over the batten to a different commentary team as other coaching commitments were already in place before agreeing to stand in at the 505's. Luckily it will be based in Weymouth as well and so will be able to keep a keen eye on competitors and see how this tightly fought championship will finish up.







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