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All Inclusive

All Inclusive

The all inclusive is exactly what it says on the tin. It is molded and tailored to your needs and requirements.

I have just finished a fantastic 6 days working 1:1 with a sailor out of Portsmouth who is keen to make gains even with his hectic schedule not only in sailing but a multitude of areas.

Working out his usual surroundings, was vital to ensure a solid programme and consistency would be maintained due to having a complete understanding of the area to which he lives, the accommodation / kitchen he has, the club and travel to it, his uni work commitments, the gym he uses and how long to get to it, combined with any other distractions, commitments and challenges.

The programme focused on several keys areas:

  • Sailing - On the water focusing on key areas to improve, exercises to provide the right learning environment along with attaching SMART goals to these elements.

  • Gym work - Creating a bespoke gym programme to work alongside his schedule, providing the right balance of strength, cardio, core and flexibility work.

  • Identifying key barriers that could cause the programme to slow / stop and so prepare and action plan b's to ensure constant momentum of the programme.

  • Nutrition - What he likes to eat & what he doesn't. What his body requires with regards to the training, why and how much. Creating meals and snacks that are quick and easy to prepare and filled with everything he requires as well as experiencing something new.

  • Highlighting the key fundamentals to recovery and how important rest is within a training programme. Identify stimulants that can effect a decent nights sleep within his current routine as well as externally (outside / accommodation).

  • Introduction of new methods of recovery - ice baths, roller work, stretching routine, that can be undertaken in the comfort of his own home, the gym or when away competing or with work.

  • Preparation is critical - whether it comes to nutrition, gym work, sailing and maximising the utilisation of time to ensure, plenty of time to chill out, socialise and keep the work, training, social balance. Vital to keep you motivated and ensure you continue to improve within the focused areas.

  • All of this is backed up by support from myself at the end of a phone or email as the programme progresses. Of course at the end of the programme he received a folder with all the videos, photos, programmes, reports from the 6 days that allows he to learn from these resources and have them as a constant learning library to return to as much as he likes.

Not only did we cover the areas above we also threw in:

  • A trip to Land Rover BAR - to inspire him, give him a eye opening experience and understanding of what it takes to win and the levels each member of that team will go to to help do that.

  • Got out on the bikes to establish another training system along with recovery, but mainly to utilise a sport he was keen on and identify a couple of routes he can do within a set time frame.

  • Pushed past barriers he had set in his mind to show he could go further and that last bit of effort when you are maxed out really counts, giving him new PB's across the board.

  • And much more...

These programmes are developed specifically for the individual / team to ensure maximum benefit and to tailor to their goals and current situation. Having a bespoke programme completed within your own environment means it is easier to stick to as the timings to the gym, sailing club, other commitments are taken into consideration and worked around to provided the best balanced programme, (like an olympic athlete has to manage) but within any environment such as work, college, university etc.

This programme had multiple focuses as sailing was one but was the not the paramount due to his studies being critical to where he wanted his future to lead, so adapting and working around these was only capable with such an in depth detailed bespoke programme.

If you would like to know more and how I can help you with your goals / programme, drop me a line through my site, where you will find all of the contact details you require.

Again each programme is different but my thanks go out to those that helped make this programme run so efficiently.


For their continued support with providing me the best possible footwear.


Great boats, superb condition and great service what more could you want.


The staff at Haslar Marina, who provided excellent rib storage, helpful, friendly and secure - what more could you want.

Pete Conway for his support and contacts organising Haslar Marina


Providing a great gym set up, thats is open 24/7 enabling a flexibility whatever the weather, life throws at you.

Ian 'Mucky' McCabe at http://land-rover-bar.americascup.com

For showing us around the amazing set up a real eye opener and inspiration





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