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No stone left unturned

Out here in Dublin, working closely with Rory Caslin an Irish laser sailors moving from the 4.7 to the radial and looking to improve his performance. We have broken down every element of his current programme, social calendar, work commitments, gym programme, goals and much more.

A well laid out programme, with clear goals has given focus, then supported with a well balanced gym programme that incorporates all the exercises required to improve his fitness along with providing the necessary knowledge to enable self learning and development.

Lots of information of nutrition and engraining the "fail to plan, prepare to fail" focus on what should be eaten, when and how much.

Focused sessions on the water, with video analysis have enabled big improvement gains even with battling the 30 knots Dublin Bay has thrown at us most days.

Its great to have the time to work specifically on all areas of a programme and already seeing the gains made only a couple of days in is a clear indication of how well the programmes work.

If your interested in something similar then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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